Can't topup card from Russia


I was using Revolut almost from it was started, Have ordered two cards one of which was eaten by the local ATM, when the second card arrived I was happy that I can use all of its currency exchage features and other goodies like block/unblock.
Then the dark days came. I can’t top-up my Revolut card with my local bank card.
“Forbidden to NON-EU users – check later”. Why? That’s how Revolut treats us?
Why I had to pay $10 for the Revolut card delivery if I cant even top-up it?
Sure I cant use the card because of it. I’m not sure yet but I think it’s service
rules violation. Hello, Revolut - Please check your ToS and give me an answer.

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In France Top up with existing cards and addition of new cards do not work since mid July.
Making the whole service useless.
Revolut support, on the in app chat, keeps saying that they are working on this and that a fix should be available “next week”, but "next week " is now 5 weeks after the first answer.
Is it a bug, is it a change in policy ? Can’t have an answer.
It does not look like Revolut has this is under control, and Revolut would rather strengthen their service first, before asking ideas for new ideas, more currencies, more countries, etc.
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