Can't top up with my Deutsche Bank (Maestro) debit card


When I try to top up with my Maestro debit card released by Deutsche Bank, I see the following error message "Oops! Your topup request was declined by your bank. Please contact the CARD PAYMENT DIVISION of your bank before retrying."
Deutsche Bank says me that the Revolut top up transaction is seen as a fraudolent transaction and my Maestro debit card get blocked.


Maestro cards are not officially supported as some Maestro cards have more than 16 digits or don’t have CVV.


Thanks for reply.
My Maestro debit card has 16 digit, has the CVV and I also actived the 3D Mastercard secure code. The problem here is that the revolut top up transaction is recognized as a fraudolent transaction from Deutsche Bank!


Deutsche Bank Maestro cards in Germany have a 19 digit PAN and no CVC2 so cannot be used. Where has your Deutsche Bank card been issued?

You will have to contact Deutsche Bank to whitelist the transaction, I don’t think it’s a problem on Revolut’s side.


My maestro debit card is released by Deutsche Bank Italy.
As I said, it has 16 digit, CVV, 3D Secure code and is totally available for online transactions. I saved the card on Revolut correctly, but when I try to top up I see the previously reported message.
I contacted DB Italy and they said me that this kind of operation is seen as fraudolent transaction and it is not possible to insert revolut transaction in a whitelist! And it’s not over because after this, my debit card is always get blocked for “security reasons”…
I know that Revolut is not a fraudolent app/card! I use it almost everyday :wink:


As for the CVV, in Belgium its either “000” or “999”. The card has 17 digits here.