Can't top up when my card requires to get and SMS or external Auth App


I tried to top up to order my card this morning but failed to do so several times. This is what I did on Pixel phone (Android) in Sweden, with a Swedish bank card.

  • Pressed top up
  • Filled in the card details (via NFC)
  • Submited top up
  • My card asks to open Mobile BankID, which is an Auth App to authenticate my bank operations or identify myself.
  • I open BankId dial my code, and go back to Revoulut
  • When I go back, I dial my Revolut code and in the page I see that the transaction fails.
    I tried a workflow where I get an SMS instead, but I need to leave the Revolut app to check the Sms and when I get back to Revolut the transaction has failed again.
    Seems like the App looses the transaction state or something when backgrounded.


This! Happens to me always. That’s why I installed an sms app with popup notifications so I didn’t had to leave revolut (textra app)


Pixel has notification support for text message without leaving the app