Can't top-up my account anymore


Hi !

I’m using Revolut since last month to transfer my money from my french account to a british account and everything was fine.

But since last week, I can’t refund my account anymore. I wanted to send 1700€ from my french account to my Revolut account but it didn’t work.

Indeed, it said that I do not have the funds on my french account. I contacted my bank in France to ask them but they said that I do have the funds and that it should work.

I tried everything but no result since the 3rd February. However, I can send money to other but I still can’t charge my account.

Do you have any idea of what I should do please ?
Thank you


Hi there.

Did you use your personal EUR account details and send as SEPA transfer?


Hi there.

Should I send my money on my Revolut account from my EUR account as SEPA transfer to fix my bug ? I usually refund my account with my card

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Topping up in EUR:

If you are making a transfer from a European bank account, please use your personalised IBAN details. Make sure that the funds are sent as a SEPA payment. Any inbound international payments will be rejected by our payment processor and returned with any applicable fees.



Thank you it worked !

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