Can't top up my account anymore, because of Brexit ?



I’ve tried yesterday to top up my Revolut account by transfering money from my french account in Crédit Agricole bank, note that I’ve already done that by the past (last time nearly 4 weeks ago) and it worked perfectly fine.
But this time an error message appeared saying IBAN and BIC were imcompatible and that “a REVOGB2L bic is awaited”, I so went to my bank and the bank advisor told me that it was because of the Brexit. Does it mean that I can’t top up anymore my revolut bank account through SEPA transfers? If yes how can I proceed as it is mentionned that SWIFT transfers are not accepted?

Thanks very much for your help :slight_smile:

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Same problem in Germany. Tried with two banks Sparkasse and Fidor. IBAN declined. Banks told me Revolut Ltd is not part of Sepa anymore.


The UK is still in the EU until March 29, 2019.
Stupid banks :expressionless:

@Mathieu_C Try topping up using a debit/credit card, there are no fees (a friend did a top-up also with a Crédit Agricole card yesterday, worked perfectly)


I can’t confirm this. I just successfully made a SEPA transfer to Revolt from a German Sparkasse account. Have you used the “personal” account details as shown under “local”?


Hi all and thanks for the answer,
I’ve spent a good part of my last evening looking for answers and yes indeed it seems that I was advised bad as there is no reason that for the moment UK wouldn’t be anymore in SEPA area.
But still topping-up my rev account doesn’t work at the moment the way it used just a month ago.
Frank : yes I used my local information as before but they are now talking about this REVOGB2L bic where my bic indicated for the moment is REVOGB2I.

So under the tab SWIFT there is this kind of information, but I don’t really understand what defines when a transfer is made under SEPA or SWIFT, the difference is huge as my bank will charge me 0.10% of the transfered amount with at least a minima constant charge of 16,6€ for each SWIFT transfer.


Technically, all you need for a SEPA transfer is the IBAN. The BIC is then deprived from the IBAN and filled in automatically. At least this is how it is defined in the SEPA standard and how it should be implemented if a bank follows the SEPA standard properly.


Ok thanks again very much Frank.
Does it mean that I can use the information given under the tab “SWIFT” rather than “Local” ? Once again it is that SWIFT that worries me. Is a bank member of a country in the SEPA area forced to proceed through SEPA ?
I mean for the moment at least the local information that I previously used is no longer working. Under the swift tab there are IBAN and BIC with the form apparently needed (REVOGB2L) so if I provide this information to my french bank how can I know if the transfer will be SEPA or swift ?And why is this information provided if this is swift as revolut says that SWIFT transfers are cancelled ?


Frankfurter Sparkasse returned money because of IBAN not valid, so do Fidor. Only n26 is working at the moment.


Can you make a SEPA transfer from Revolut? As it seems, this was effected by this too. (at least for me)


@Mathieu_C Quick question: I have the same bank as you (CA, Centre France area), but whenever I want to do a transfer to a foreign account (like Revolut), they basically say I can’t do that online and have to go physically to my local branch to request that… which of course feels like we’re still in 1990. Do you have the same issue? (I always had this problem, it’s not new)

@Tomas78 What do you mean? You can’t make a SEPA transfer from :r: anymore? I made one this morning, and it was executed correctly.


@quentinb Yes of course you’ve summed it up correctly still in 1990… I had to go to my bank two months ago to add my Rev account in the order to enable myself to transfer from the app, I had to go to my bank for the first external account I wanted to add years ago and I had to go there to add a N26 account (Germany). And they confirmed that if ever in the future I have to add foreigners accounts I will have to go again…


@quentinb No I can’t, the SEND button is grayed out. Last week I made 2 transfers without problems.


You’re using your personal IBAN for SEPA EUR transfers as shown under “local” in the app, beginning with GB, right?


@Mathieu_C Ah cool thanks for the feedback, I really think they are the worst bank, every single time I need something from them it’s either not possible, very complicated, or they have no idea about the answer… Once Revolut has full banking licence, I think I’ll close my account with CA.
Also, their app is horrible.


@Tomas78 Very strange, I just checked and the button is enabled, as long as I have enough money (and send more than £1/€2), maybe contact the support…


@quentinb Thanks, this never crossed my mind that only an ammount higher than €2 is accepted.


I have the same problem with another french bank, and some friends too.
My last correct transfer was this friday, and since the BIC is unrecognized for the SEPA transfer.


Same with ING Diba. No transfer to Revolut possible


As i’m from Portugal, i use “Swift” instead of “local” to transfer money to revolut. It worked for me.


Why would you do that? Isn’t that quite expensive?