Cant top up, insufficient funds (?)

Hi, altough i have more than enough in my bank account, i cant top up my account, not even with 10€.
Ive talked to my bank and its all ok with them. never had any problems with my revo (6 months).

Hey, maybe it is a temporary error from Revolut. Otherwise you might have to try another card.

Hi, yesterday i had the same problem but then after a few hours it was fixed, today the same problem. In the morning it let me top up with 35 € ( or lower) everytime and how many times i wanted, but now not even 10€.
I cant get another card, in the next four months im not going to my country, so i need this revo card to work.

You can make a EUR transfer to top up higher sums in the meantime. Card isn’t the only option.

I’m having an issue with top up as well. It says insufficient funds, but I definitely have enough in my account. This started happening a few months ago at first with large top up amounts, but now I can’t even add minimal amounts.

Are you using banks from Greece to top-up? Maybe there is some restrictions still in place for moving money outside GR.

Hey, I’m having a similar issue to send money. All my Revo contacts don’t appear anymore (already verified the app access to my contacts. Un-installed and re-installed… nothing)

By the other I asked to whom I wanted to send to make a request of money to me… the message appeared asking to Top-up the account (of who is requesting ???) which by the way was with enough funds.

After loosing some time with support I got a reply saying that Revolut is working to launch an urgent update. I have observed this issue from version 6.2 and before (I made the update to see if it got corrected. Unfortunatly did not)

If someone has more feedback please share.