Cant top up EUR account with BIC

I am trying to top up my revolut eur account but it says wrong bic even if i put manually REVOGB21.
I see 200 people with the same problem. People who didn’t received back the money from Revolut, bouncing back and forth with their own bank. This is terrible…really terrible…

I have no idea what went wrong in these cases…
In my case it went through without any problem. (I’ve sent money from Polish ING Bank to my local EUR account in Revolut)

In all cases it‘s the sender‘s institute‘s fault, the BIC is published correctly for months now :wink:

Nothing more to add here - it‘s a problem for all newly established BICs apparently.
=> notify the sender‘s processor

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I dont think there are anywhere remotely 200 people with that problem.

A few months ago there was a brief BIC mixup but that got quickly resolved. The problem was some banks are way too slow to keep there table up-to-date. Maybe that is the case with your bank. That BIC generally works however.

Maybe you didn’t look up the forum about this. BIC not working for Local EUR account for many users. Many of them lost their money with the trick. Revolut says didn’t receive the money and your local bank says money have been sent and bic is wrong.
Still waiting for a solution… @anon33247966

Which users? Can you please point to recent threads (less than a month)?

Sending it to the wrong BIC is certainly an issue but the BIC you used is the correct one. When did you send it? What could be is that your bank did not update their tables, in which case you would need to contact your bank to get this sorted out.

Bancoposta- Italian bank. doesn’t work.

Ooh, them! Yes, they do seem to have a problem with that, there are other such reports, but there is nothing anybody here can do. They need to fix their data.

any workaround? I used the REVOLUT’s IBAN … does it has some cost ? does it change anything with the LOCAL account? or are just two way of receiving money?