Cant top up, card is no longer supported?


My card has been updated as it passed it’s date since I last used my Revolut card. I like the Revoult card it was always so simple but now it won’t let me load my new bank card “Your top up card is not supported” It’s HSBC visa debit, exactly the same as the last one. When I try to transfer from my account I can’t do that ether, there’s some kind of new thing and it wants pictures of my passport and stuff to open an account? I don’t want to open an account; I just want to top up the card. I can find no way to contact anyone anywhere, just an automated phone and an automated chat that you can asked for a live assistant but it always just says wait and no one ever comes.
Posting this here is the only thing I can think of to try and get help.


Have you tried use Apple Pay (via the HSBC VISA debit card.) to top up, as an alternative method?


Apple pay? never heard of it, how do you do that?



I dont have any apple stuff or accounts.


I’ve tried going back and linking an account but can no longer find any options. The only thing I can see to do is hit Top up then Bank Transfer, it asks for a currency then shows what I presume is my account details from before when it worked but they are hidden with only an Activate account button which asks to verify my identity. I hit verify identity and it says failed.

I’m sure it asked for photos and such before.


Hey @yadnom1973,

You need to verify your account. Go Profile section to find verification and limits.