Can't top up, can't add card - Value field is too long

Hi! I’ve used a card to top up my account twice two days ago. Same card today and I can’t do it. When it goes to verification it cames back with the error “The transaction could not be processed because a value of a fiel is too long.” error (400.1113)

I haven’t changed anything in the card since I successfully toped up twice. I called my bank and they say they aren’t even getting a request from Revolut for the money. Tried to add a second card and after the part where we have to put our address it gives me exactly the same error. Any help?

Solved it! By myself btw! 2 different people in the app support and their best guess was “Your internet connection is bad” and “try again tomorrow” Damn…

How did you solve it? Having the same issue and he apps help has been totally useless

Hey bro! It’s probably your name that’s too long! I have 4 last names. I had to divide them, 2 names in the field for “First name” and 3 in the “Last name”.

That was the problem!

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Thanks for the useful information. I also have a very long last name and facing the same issue, but unfortunately cannot edit the last name; there is no option to do it (they have probably changed it lately). When I explained the problem to customer support, they told me to check back some time later… The product is good, but the customer support lacks professionalism. Now I can’t add money because I can’t add a new card.