Can't top up, app chrashes

About a month ago something has changed. then something happened and i can’t top up by a card, everytime then I want to change verification metod from “Kodu kortele” to another, appp crashes.
Deleted and added card, deleted app and all browsing data from Chrome and Samsung internet. Updated the phone. App still crashes.
Topup via bank transfer working fine. But it is not a solution.
Samsung S8, Android 8.0.0

Hey @erikanas :slight_smile:

This was earlier reported here:

Out of curiosity, could you report what happens when you uninstall/downgrade Android System Webview?

It seems that Android system view was not installed at all. Can’t explain that. But after installing it and upgrading everything started to work.

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Oh wow I’m amazed hahahaha.
Ok I officially want that marked as a solution :smile:

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Not a solution, I have Android System Webview on my phone, it is disabled and greyed out so it can’t be enabled. The only way to enable it is to disable Chrome, but I’m not doing that. Devs should really use google, this is a known issue with a known workaround.