Can't top up anymore from Italian bank account


Hi there,

I am currently living in Italy and I am using a card from ING Direct bank. I have been using Revolut for about a year with no issues. My last top up was May 2017 without any problems. However, I tried today doing a top up but it was declined. I tried 2 more times and I got a message saying:

“Your top up request was declined by your bank. Please contact the CARD PAYMENTS DIVISION of your bank before retrying”

I called my bank and they told me they can’t see any pending transaction or any request from Revolut. They even checked the Fraud department and there was nothing there. Revolut top up request simply doesn’t show up in their systems. I tried calling them 3 times and I checked with 3 different people and they all told me the same thing.

Can anyone please tell me if this is a bug? I had no problem using this card up until May and now it stopped working for some reason.

Any advice greatly appreciated.