cant top up & address error - Help!


New to Revolut today.

Set up account a few months ago but didn’t verify or top up.

Entered today for first time to do this and tried multiple times to top up but, couldn’t. It asked me to add fund via bank transfer but, when trying to do this, automatically takes me back to card top up…so I am going round in circles.

I thought this might link to the fact that my postcode is not recognised, so I went in to double check this and still not recognised.
I found this odd because it’s a 47 year old house, so tried my old address in Scotland, which it recognised.
I then tried to change it back to my current address in Manchester, England and now it says “** Street Name, Manchester, Scotland”.

I’m so frustrated, please can someone assist?


Send youre full adress and say you were use a adress of a friend did the same as revolut wasnt back in switzerland