Can't top nor change address

I need help, it’s Saturday and I doubt support will be online till Monday. I’m a verified user with a verified bank account, but I’ve recently changed address. I’ve been trying to top up my Revolut but the transaction keep getting declined because “my billing address does not match the address on my bank account”. I’ve tried changing my address on the app, but transaction keeps getting declined.
Has this happened to anyone? Any thoughts on how to fix it? Thanks

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The problem here might be the card billing address. When making a card payment, payment processors can check if an address matches the one the card issuer has on record. Is this the case here?

When setting up a new card for top-ups with Revolut, they ask you about the billing address of the card. If that address changed after one was setting up the card, it might cause a decline.

What I would do is delete the card for top-ups and re-add it with the now correct billing address. You’ve already changed the address of your Revolut account under profile?

(Be careful, I am just guessing, it’s not a procedure I have tested. Support is available but limited on weekends. Check support times on the Revolut website.)


If you have recently changed address, please delete and readd the card from the top up section and add it again with the new address

Keep me posted.

Andreas K

Ive tried doing that but the app simply won’t let me. It keeps giving me
the same message that my billing address is not the same as the card. What
else can I do?

Many thanks

Let’s get in touch via direct message so we can solve this.

I have the same problem, could you solve it?