Cant´t top-up card


Hi i´m triying to top-up my card with a mastercard, but apear the bellow message: “awaiting transfer”

I tried it with other card and appear the bellow message: “unauthorized operation”

Could you help me please?



Did you verify your Revolut account?


Yes, maybe the problem is on my bank?


Meybe you should try with another card if you have, but card must be registered to you. I suggest to ask support in the Revolut app.


Hi @michelsacris

Could you please send me a direct message with the phone number linked to your account so that I can look into this?



Hi @michelsacris,

thanks for reaching out.
For your personal safety please send your number to Jessica via PM. You can send PM’s by clicking on the username and select “message”.

I flagged your post, so you can keep your number private.