Can't sync existing card to new phone



I’ve a new phone with a new phone number. I’ve tried to sync my Revolut card on my new phone, but I get the following error message: “This card can’t be synced”.

Could you please help me sort this out?

Thank you.


Are you able to use previous phone number?
If yes- change this number. Read this:


Hi redi,

I can still access my previous number. What do you advise me to do?



I am sorry, something went wrong with link provided by me.
You should’ve put your old SIM to the new phone (or at least turn on any phone with old SIM), then run the app, provide PIN to the revolut app. After it you’ll get SMS with 6 digit code. Type it to the app, and then change the phone number in the app. See how:


Thanks for your help. However, it does not work because I’ve already entered my new phone number on my new phone before changing it in the previous one.

I think I’ve created another account…

Do you know if there is a way to handle this case?



Delete app’s data or delete and reinstall the app, then follow the steps described by me (using the first number). Do not forget tell in-app support about the second number (to delete second account)


I can help you with this. Could you please send me a direct message?


Doesn’t work. Even after deleting the app on my new phone, I can’t change my phone number on my previous phone. I think the new phone number is still linked to a new account.