Can't setup revolut - we're sorry something has gone wrong

I get the error message after I type the passcode. Please help

And I’m doing it on nox emulator, phone broken at the moment

Hi there.

You can access your account on a supported device and log in with the phone number on your account.

At the moment our app is available for iPhones (iOS 8), iPads or Android (4.3) supported phones with a minimum screen size of 3.5 inches.

getting this again

so is it due to nox? nox is android just emulated on desktop

EDIT: but also after seeing all the horror stories on the forum… dunno, nvm its cool lol

Hey @jurazdaja :slight_smile:

:r: has a rating of 4.7 on the Play Store (higher than any other banking app I know). People only come here to complain.

yea I know, probably any service or bank would have problems like this on a forum I just hadnt visited any before i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

but for anyone trying to set it up on a computer seems you cant do it with an emulator they told me in PM just now, seems like a neat service but revolut should try enabling it on the web somehow. Mobile only could be a huge turnoff for ppl, I know I’d preffer desktop

I have the same problem but on my Nubia z7 mini, Android 4.4.2. After setting up the passcode the popup says the same msg as in the topic. Could you help me with that?

I have the same problem with Nubia z7 Max - did you mange to get it working?

Unfortuntely not, just bought Mi Mix 2 and the app is working there