Can't send photos required for verification in the support chat


My account became blocked when entering the 4 digit code from my bank statement. The code was correct (I asked multiple people to check my statement and verify it was correct).

When I tried to unblock my account in the chat support I was unable to send any photos. In the end I emailed the photos and a copy of my statement to you. I was told my query has now been passed to your compliance team.

No-one is replying in the App support.

I have just topped up £400 and have immediately been blocked. I need access to my money, this is not acceptable.


Hello twhite :slight_smile:

I’m afraid the :r: team looks quite absent from this community… :frowning:
I agree, that’s not acceptable. Also, it does seem there’s some kind of trouble with the verification process/team.

Maybe you would have a quicker solution teaching them through:

Hope you have it solved fast :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help.

I have sent a message on facebook.