Can't 'Send money' WITHOUT 'Revolut needs to access your contacts'

Hi Raimerik,

Thanks for your kind reply. We’ll keep an eye on this request as we’re aware that data privacy rules are different in each country. As I said we do not upload your address book to our servers and we only share who of your contacts has registered on Revolut.

Please do understand that we get a lot of feature requests each day and that we don’t have the time nor resources to implement all of them. We certainly do listen to our customers and try to understand their point of view as well as the problem they’re facing.


cc @dylan_1 @Swede

Val, with this said, how do I need to interpret the following clause from the privacy policy?

"b) Information we collect about you and your device. Each time you visit the App or our Site we will automatically collect the following information:
- information stored on your Device, including if you allow Revolut access contact information from your address book, login information, photos, videos or other digital content, check ins (Content Information). The App will periodically recollect this information in order to stay up-to-date;"

This makes it sound as if my address book is free game to Revolut. Which I am far from ok with. I really don’t want Revolut groping my addressbook (or my phone at all) for any other reason than quick access to an addressee.
It is my phone and my address book . And you need to stay out of my private live.

Right now I have no option to send money without giving everything away.


If I read it carefully, it says “Informations stored on your device [like] if you allow Revolut to access contact information”.

To me, this means the permission status is updated with Revolut’s servers. Not the address book itself.


Or am I missing something?

Not only that but I can’t seem to find anyway to turn this off in Android. The app starts creating 6,000 ‘Revolut’ contacts on my phone which presumably will be uploaded to somewhere outside of the EEA as per the terms and conditions… Its completely screwing up my phone with all the CPU processing and datahogging that’s involved in this.

Incidentally where outside of the EEA does all my contact information go, Revolut?

This ‘feature’ really needs to be opt-in only: a) because of the unusability issues if you have a lot of contacts and b) because of privacy - it was very interesting to see who in my contacts had revolut installed though!


Hi ValScholz,

is there a way to opt-out once I have used the service of sending money to a contact once? I am absolutely not OK to publish that I am a Revolut User to any guy which has my number in his contact list, and I didn’t find a way to opt-out yet.

Thanks in advance for any trick.


This ‘feature’ seems to exist now on iOS. Attempting to add a new contact results in the message ‘An access to the address book is required to add a new contact.’

I understand this is valuable data, but i’m already paying for the premium service and I’d much rather manage this manually thank you.


One thing I have discovered is that new Android (v.7) versus old Android (v.4) allows selective permissions per app to be granted - so you can turn off access to contacts, which wasn’t possible in Android v.4 if you accidentally enabled this ‘feature’. But Revolut have already harvested most of my contacts now in any case… Could someone from Revolut please clarify - what is stored, whether it is linked to me and where it is stored? They say somewhere it’s like Whatsapp matching of contacts - but I’d like some clarity on this. Will someone see that I am a Revolut user? I don’t especially mind but I think it would be better if I was given the option as to whether this information was shared (and with whom).

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You should now be able to send and request money via payment link on iOS even if you don’t allow access to your contact book.

We’ll add this feature very soon on Android too.

Hope this resolves your problems.



Hey ValScholz, can’t find this feature in the latest Android version released today (v4.14). Is it coming anytime soon?


i do not want revolut to have access to my entire contact data base
i gave the app access and it has downloaded the entire contacts list
i now wish to reverse it

my contact list is many 1000s of contacts and it is totally excessive to have them all in the app

in the age of Facebook data scanning this is unacceptable

i am a new customer today!!!


I would never give Revolut access to my address book. Every other app that has similar functionality, also let’s you input contacts manually if you refuse to give them access. There’s no reason why revolut couldn’t do the same


Hi ValScholz, I am a IoS user, with the latest up-dates the possibility to manually entering contacts with-out giving access to contact list is now not available any longer. Even old contacts can not be used.
Like the other users are writing - I will simply not allow Revolut Access to my Contact lists - as I do not want other’s on my contatct list to know I am a revolut user.
If you guys do not change this - then I will definitely not use this option. Revoluts approach to this in the nearest future will also be influencing whether I will continue appraising Revolut or not.


I second that:
I would like to be able to enter the phone number manually. (Android)


Allow me to attach print screen from my correspondence with Hotline in this case


Thanks for sharing.

I don’t like it at all :slightly_frowning_face: . Especially the last answer. I must be able to choose if want to share my “Revolut status” with others or not.


Bumping this thread in the hope Revolut will give an update as to when this might happen for Android users.

Still can’t pay without giving Revolut access to contacts after app update.


Same here. I’ve run into a problem that may affect more people.

My mom is an unbanked person and wanted to open a Revolut account for her. In order to request the card she needs to top up 10 euro with another card on her name which she doesn’t have so I thought that maybe I could send some money from my Revolut account into hers so she can request the card.

This is not possible as of today without allowing contact access in my device which I am not permitting (not to revolut or any other company which doesn’t strictly need it and which doesn’t disclose transparently which information from my contact list is pulled into their servers). I believe it shouldn’t be needed to send some money. Email address or just a person’s unique link or identifier should suffice for this purpose.

Why was the feature taken out the latest releases on iOS?
Why was it never ported to Android?

Let’s be more transparent here and help us understand the rationale under this decision. Revolut can identify customers without accessing and uploading the entire contact list to their servers.

Thanks in advance!

cc @ValScholz


Hi everyone,

Any update on this topic? Any answers from the Revolut team to calm down the audience? @anon33247966

I’m surprised this is not being addressed. Looks like Revolut is throwing stones against their own roof since many users won’t allow contact access -> less money being transferred amongst users -> less money being spent with the Revolut cards -> less revenue for the company.

Thanks in advance!


Any update on this? @rafael_revolut @anon33247966 ?
Do you plan to bring back this functionality without requesting contact access?


Yeah, an answer would be interesting, especially since the new GDPR is in place…

(seriously, all these updates of the android-app; can’t be too difficult to turn the “need access to contactlist” off)

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