Can't 'Send money' WITHOUT 'Revolut needs to access your contacts'

Please stop forcing us to share our address book in order to ‘send money’ to other Revolut users!

I’m on the Android app version 4.5.6 and am pretty sure that I could do it on the iPhone by just entering the mobile number or email of the user I wanted to send the money to. WITHOUT giving the iPhone app access to the address book.

So please pay more attention to data security/privacy and make the ‘send money’ function available with being ‘evil address book extortionists’…

Entering a mobile number or an email should suffice.

Cheers, raimerik


We ask users this to make sending funds easy and so they can make use of their contacts without having to manually do this. We do not share this information with anybody.

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It’s not a bug - it’s a feature! :wink: or :confused:
(What a Microsoft-like gibberish in the year 2017…)

Please let me know when you will give your users the OPTION to decide whether they want to share their address book. I don’t. I like to send money MANUALLY…

And why this works in iPhones but not in Androids as far as I could see?

Cheers, raimerik


Not only does it want to use contacts, on android it seems to have created a load of duplicate contacts with no info in them :frowning:

A really stupid way to handle send money, As long as it can not be done MANUALLY i will not ever use this “feature”…

Revolut should understand that many users are security aware and do not want to share contacts, this should be respected and manual should always be an option.


Hi Larysa!

Anything new on giving privacy-sensitive customers what they want?

N26 is able to deliver… They would like access to the address book, but will let you send money to an email or phone number you enter MANUALLY!

A fintech-app not letting sending customers money wouldn’t make much sense, don’t you agree?

However revolut does exactly do that nonsense to customers who don’t want to want to be extorted to grant accress to their address book!

Please at least stop bothering me with email-ads like

“Send Money Instantly”: “Just choose a contact, add the amount and click ‘Send’.”

No, thank you!

“Excited about this feature? Let the world know on Twitter or Facebook.”

Maybe that’s what it takes to get your programmers going - telling twitter about your address-book-extortion?

Still flabbergasted about revolut’s “it’s not a bug - it’s a feature”-nonsense.




I anticipate that as Revolut grows, they will probably implement an usernames-based feature, where you can use someone’s Revolut username for P2P payments, rather than the address book.

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Why would they need that (user name)?
Asking for an eMail address or a phone number and checking if this user exists in revolut’s database - that’s not exactly rocket science!
It’s exactly what revolut does with ‘extorting’ address book access… So manually entering the one contact instead of checking the whole address book should be possible!

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Hello again.
Please give us a feedback. Ignoring customers is a frustrating thing to do.
This is how the competition is doing things:

  1. Asking for address book access:

  1. Asking to input phone number or eMail address manually, if customer does NOT want to grant address book access:

And now you (Revoluters) - when can we expect the same functionality?

Again - it’s not rocket science…

Cheers! raimerik


Wow. It’s been 3 weeks without a reaction…
Is that revolut’s philosophy of customer service?

I researched this absurd matter a bit further - and it gets even more absurd:

  1. Please let your own iOS-programmers give your Android-programmers some SERIOUS tutoring!
    Because what I (and others) want in Android is already possible in iOS: MANUALLY entering someone you want to send money to inside revolut. Unbelievable.
    The iOS-revolut-app simply asks for Name and ‘Email or Phone’ after you ‘Don’t allow access your contacts’. Duh.

  2. This Android programmers’ short-coming actually creates another absurd situation:
    Android users who don’t allow access to their contacts right now CAN’T TRANSFER money from their revolut-IBAN to the revolut-IBAN of another user!!!
    Your app says:
    ‘Request for your bank transfer has failed’
    ’Unable to send an external transfer, please send an internal transfer’

Wow. Kafka would have fun…

So would you PLEASE escalate this serious BUG to someone capable to update the Android App with the described iOS-functionality?!

Please?! Even a bit faster than 3 weeks? Maybe?

Even more flabbergasted,



Wow - no reply in 7 weeks and counting…


3,5 months into the shortcomings of revolut’s Android programmers - nothing new.
The most frustrating thing, though: since July 14th I regularly contact the support team about it and keep getting the same useless answer: ‘the tech team will look into this’…
Close to 4 months ‘looking into this’ telling us ‘it would be fixed’…

All this for a basic functionality that exists in the iPhone App and the competition’s (N26) Android apps.

Maybe revolut should ‘look into’ finding more capable Android programmers. Seriously.

4 months ‘looking into this’ and ‘fixing it’?


Flabbergasted about the level of ignorance concerning customers’ privacy concerns…



Hi Raimerik,

Apologies for the late response. We’re getting a lot of messages on a daily basis, and we’re sometimes missing important ones.

It’s actually a bug on iOS which will be soon fixed by an upcoming release.

We are doing this for two reasons:

  • Keeping the contacts in sync between the address book and Revolut causes some technical challenges
  • It prepares our app for exciting future products

Also, I just wanted to mention again that we take your data privacy serious and won’t upload your address book to our servers. Nevertheless, you’ll always be able to send money via bank transfer.


Hi Val,

So I got my partner to sign up to Revolt too because I love the service. Just found out that my Revolut account appears for her instantly for bill-split etc. because she has my phone number in her contacts. (As well as several other friends)

This really is a major security flaw.

For example, one could simply guess random phone numbers (or program a bot to) and spam or scam Revolut account holders into transferring funds etc.
I’ll hold out for a while in the hopes that an update will remove this flaw but will have to advise family/friends if it isn’t fixed in the future.

Best wishes


Hi Dylan,

This is a feature that is hugely popular among our user and what we believe is pretty common nowadays across a lot of mobile apps (e.g. Whatsapp). Furthermore, we have several mechanics in place to protect the security of each individual user.


With all due respect,

you should concider the possible security breaches this could lead to aswell as peoples privacy - have the thought that some of your users seriously do not want to declare to the world that they have a revolut account crossed your minds?

Just because i have a contact in my adressbook it does not mean i want to interact with them financially, or even give them a hint about my finances?

The only way to stop this for now is to be VERY careful about who you add to your contacts. The option to send to people whithout having them in contacts is not a bug but a needed feature.

Not all people are nice and sociopaths for example love this naive type of social engineering where the developers thinks the world is bright and blue without a single cloud in the sky.

Revolut aims to become a fully fledged bank as i understood it? Then revolut must start acting with the same secrecy and respect for it’s customers as all major banks do.


I’m not saying that this is not a problem and cannot or should not be changed by Revolut, there’s not much I can think about that would prevent them to implement it differently… but…

…I am always surprised about people when it comes to “privacy concerns” - either people don’t care, or they obsess about it.

The middle ground is: be informed, know what could happen (and what is unlikely or cannot happen) and act accordingly with your data.

I for once cannot think about a single reasonable argument why I should care about that someone knows about that I use a service like Revolut - I am actually more concerned about services like Revolut copying my whole phonebook and someone IN that phonebook suing me for “giving his data to some random company without their consent”. That’s the actual data protection problem here that can actually have legal consequences in some countries.

Or to spin that thought further - I am always concerned about sending someone a copy of my ID card, let alone some services asking for a “selfie with my ID card” … what can possible go wrong right?

Bottom line, there are other things to think about, but at the moment, if you don’t like it, just don’t use it. It doesn’t seem like Revolut wants to change that system for now.

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Then again you most likely just have not yet had the fantastic experience of evil minded people having a go at you?

Once you have seen that you will understand.

And yes, the obvious answer is to not use it - that is exactly what i am doing at the moment however the smart och correct way of handling it would be to turn it off as contacts are totally unnecessary within the app.

Your local bank won’t want your contacts list for obvious reasons - revolut has to sharpen their services if they plan on becoming a real banking alternative.

Answering “don’t use it” about a big flaw in the system just doesnt cut it, sorry.


If someone “has a go” at you, you may have other problems than that.

Do you sue your local post services if someone sends you a postcard with some threatening comments on it because they can’t trace it back or prevent you from receiving any more postcards? Probably not.
It’s never a good idea to blame the messenger.

And I’m not sure what you mean by “local bank” - any bank can and must do the same with their apps if they want to offer similar services, some “local FinTech banks”(?) already do similar things.

It’s just in general very convenient for the majority of people to see who in your contacts uses the same services as you do, messenger, money sending services etc. - that’s why people like those services over old school services which are less convenient.
Hence you cannot tell Revolut or Whatsapp or whatever not do do that anymore, because “modern people” like it like that, and they don’t care much about the related privacy issues.
But it’s not “a flaw”, you just see it that way for some personal reason you and cannot generalise that.

Again, don’t get me wrong, there is a little sarcasm in my posts, I do understand privacy concerns and don’t like people who don’t care about it at all.
But in the end, it’s how it is at the moment. People like it, and there are no general laws against it. => Market rules apply (use it or don’t use it decides about the fate).

Not much more to say about that here :slight_smile: Perhaps Revolut make it optional at some point, but it certainly seems like they have other priorities for now.


Money and social media doesn’t mix well… Just saying.

I don’t care personally; i just don’t use the “feature”. But Revolut SHOULD take this kind of security in to concideration.

Most people are ignorant about these things until they them selves are hit, unfortunately “i told you so” does not help much.


Hi Val!
Wow - 4 months into the issue and countless ‘the android team will fix it’-replies - and now we’re back at the kafka-esque Microsoft-‘It’s not a bug - it’s a feature!’ nonsense?
And even worse: the feature we want for Android which ALREADY EXISTS in iOS (send money to MANUALLY entered recipients instead of FORCED address book synchronisation) is supposed to be a BUG in iOS?
So either you have not understood the issue or the level of ignorance at revolut concerning customers’ concerns is worse then I thought.
So far my working hypothesis was a rather incapable Android programming team…


The world is not black or white (or use it or leave it) - it’s all about offering and choosing OPTIONS.

Revolut’s iOS app does it - and more importantly your direct competition (N26) does it - that is OFFERING the OPTION to send money to a MANUALLY entered recipient.

So KEEP the ‘feature’ of FORCING users to share address book data in order to send money to other users, WHILE OFFERING the OPTION to enter an eMail or phone number MANUALLY in order to send money.

It’s not that hard.

Right now the ‘head-in-the-clouds-we-don’t-even-understand-why-our-CUSTOMERS-don’t-like-our-FEATURE-address-book-extortion’ attitude is more than somewhat FRIGHTENING.

Applying for a bank license will hopefully shift revolut’s perspective to customers’ privacy concerns.

N26 was forced to do so as well:

  1. They not only offer sending money to MANUALLY entered recipients (see screenshots above)
  2. Had to introduce the following OPT-IN:

“In the context of using the services of the N26 App, I agree to be identifiable for other users as N26 customer.”

Yes. This seriousness (somewhat a bank’s core value, don’t you think?) is currently lacking at revolut.

It’s the user who gets to decide if he wants to be identifiable as a bank’s customer - not the bank.

Please get your heads around that fact.

Still flabbergasted,