Cant send money to Puerto Rico

I need to transfer money to Puerto Rico Bank account, but when I try to create a new beneficiary Puerto Rico it doesn’t appear in the list.

I saw a friend of mine have it.

Add New Beneficiary—>To Another person–>Currency US$—>Country (Puerto Rico Doesn’t appear)

Any piece of advice to solve???

It looks like Puerto Rican banks are not available to money transfer… So you can tell the revolut team about lack of this. @AndreasK can you address it to relevant team?

Isn’t Puerto Rico treated as part of the United States?

A friend of mine, with Ios (iPhone App) Has Puerto Rico in the country list.

You’re right! I have it too in the iOS app. How strange

Hmm interesting. Let me have a look and I will get back to you.

The team will fix this as soon as possible. I will keep you posted :slight_smile:

We have got already two updates but still we can’t make SWIFT transfer to Puerto Rico.
It’s very disappointed!

Hi @Grigorijs. Our tech team is still working on it! Thanks for your patience.