Can't select a delivery mode to order my card


I am trying to order my first card using iPhone app but I got stuck to the delivery part.
I tried to choose Standard Delivery for 6€ since I don’t have a premium account but then I have to choose to update to premium.
The other option is the express delivery but that one costs 20€.
What should I do? I am going to travel to Vietnam in 2 weeks and I would really use the card.

Hey @Loompeek :slight_smile:

That’s weird! Are you choosing the standard “purplish” design and not a premium one?

If you did, ask the support team for help through the app, going to the More tab, clicking Help, then Chat with us, and then typing live agent.

Hey @Juliopp

thank you for the advice but the chat bot did not really help me and since there is almost a midnight here in the Czech Republic, I do not have the 4h time mentioned by the bot the be contacted by live agent. Let’s see if there’s gonna be some contact by the staff tomorrow.
Thank you very much though.

Hey @Loompeek :slight_smile:

Support is 24/7. Just type the problem and there’s a good chance the support agent might have solved it for you by tomorrow morning :star2:

It seems like quite some people are having this issue (see Can’t select Standard delivery for shipping my card). Hopefully the team will fix this soon and you’ll be able to order yours.

I would occasionally check the app again to see if it was fixed and/or wait for in-app support to reply.

Thank you @Juliopp @bmarques

I will check the app later in several hours in the morning.

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Tried it again a minute ago and it seemed to work. So now lets see if the card arrives (I think not, considering other topics here). Thank you again for the help.

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