can't see replied message on assistance app


when i open a chat session on the app of my android phone. I can write my message. then i wait for a reply.
because the reply is not quickly, my phone goes en standby.
then i can see a revolut notification en my phone showing the beginning of the reply.
I can click on the notification but the app still opens again with the credentials page.
when authenticated , it’s directly goes to the assistance session. but i can’t see the reply. i can ony see my prévious message and the historical of my previous message (without any historical replies of the revolut agent).


Hey @fnez :slight_smile:

Try going back and then accessing the chat again :wink:


thanks for your message.

I tried but nothing changes.
now i just try again and it is the same. Then i just kill the app and try again .you’ right , i can see te message.