Can't reveal pin


I have just got a new spare card. When I try and reveal the pin via the app it keeps crashing. I am using Android 7.0 on an LG G5. When I hit ‘reveal pin’ and enter my passcode it goes to a blank blue screen and after a few seconds the app crashes with the error message ‘Revolut keeps stopping’. It is the same for both cards on my account.

It took the Revolut “live” support 2 hours to respond. So far they have asked me to logout and log in again, reinstall the app from scatch and finally check that I haven’t run out of RAM (I have 34% free). The problem still remains despite all this and it is 10 minutes since the last ‘live’ response from an agent.


Hello @peterkendall,

Thank you for letting us know. I have sent your PINs via sms just in case.

Did you receive them?


Andreas K.


Thank you Andreas. I have received the pins you sent by SMS so at least I can use my cards now. I also updated the Android app to the latest version (4.0.4) that was released yesterday. Unfortunately that has not solved my problem. It would be reallly useful if this could be fixed as with a card that I will only use infrequently I will probably forget my pin and need a reminder when I am away. Thanks for your help. Peter.