Can't reset pin number to access app


I have forgotten my PIN number, so when I hit forget from the login screen on the app, it tells me to enter the last four digits of my card number. When I do this it tells me Verification Failed and back to the login screen.

I can’t get any access to support as this need to be done from in-app, and I can’t access the app.

Is there any way I can actually get into my account ??


Does it say to enter the last digits of a card you have used for top-ups? It seems to work here. I’ve just tried it out.


Exact words are “Enter the last 4 digits of your Card Number”. I take this to mean the Revolut card, but yes you are right, it refers to the card that you use to top your Revolut account up with.

Maybe the wording could be changed ? Thanks for your help though.


You are welcome. Wording is fine on iOS. It says card used for top-up there.