Can't reply to message from support team

I got the below message but when I sign in to reply I can’t see where. The chat icon just takes me to the help pages. I also can’t see where to upload the photo requested.


Log in is accessible from the website, business, and then upper right corner. You can also access the help chat from the log in page, speech bubble icon in the lower right corner.

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the reply. Maybe I didn’t explain myself clearly. Unfortunately, when click the speech bubble in the lower right it just takes me to the list of help articles (see below). The same is true when I click the pink ‘Open Chat Support’ button.


On the top of this overlay, you should see two options: Help Center and Support Chat.

Hi Frank,

It still doesn’t work. I can see the options briefly when I open the chat window but they are under the banner of my browser when the window is fully open. I just tried in chrome and in edge and they are still under the banner with the window scrolled fully to the top. Any ideas?


Can you please delete and reinstall the app?

He‘s talking about the business chat. There was a redesign, I believe?

@Ewen, have you tried to scale down the browser contents? Everything, including the overlay, should shrink until you can access the tab.

This is a business account, my understanding was the app was only for personal so I’ve been using my laptop. Is that incorrect?


Fixed it. I just needed to zoom out on my browser. What a fool.

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