Can't register with app

All very suspicious, why are we being told we need to submit new ID when it is not possible to log into one’s account. I have had a number of problems with Revolut while abroad and not able to pay a restaurant bill. This appears to be a constant problem with recognising Allready agreed Passcodes and Pins.
Is Revolut in difficulty

Hello I need help. I need to talk to a real person. I have a new phone number but i don’t have access to the old phone. When i try and log in I don’t have access to the revolut code they send. When i try and use my new number and input a new password, I’m told that my details already exist and I’m brought back to the app sign in. I don’t have access to the app. Please help!!!

Same for me…
Seems to be a system glitch, there’s anyone working on this ?

Hi, can you contact me please? The app will not work on my iOS device (iPhone XS). I’ve tried calling the UK customer service phone number but it will not get through. I can’t log in to the app as it keeps bringing me to a page to check my email - I then press authenticate in the email sent to me but the app will not recognise the authentication as having happened and just stays at the same page. Please see attached photo:

I’ve tried turning the device on and off and uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Hi there.
It looks like the issue started on 16 March 2020 and is still ongoing.
For my part:
Cannot log into the app and therefore have NO access to any support (chat).
My card is locked.
Every time I start the “lost password” process I can enter, type in a new code that is lost by revolut (cannot use it to re-enter).
Impossible to unlock my card nor “verify identity”.
What shall I do?

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Hi I am also having this same issue, I enter my number into the app, it then asks me to input a password. It then comes up with an error message saying: please try again later.
You’re help would be appreciated


@AndreasK can you help me please… I can’t register my phone to revolut… as many persons here i have the same problem.

I am having the same issue as well. Could someone provide me with the solution? Thanks.

Same problem. Can’t login or register. Same error as other people

Hello Andres, i am not receiving the SMS code on the App is there any way you could help me with this??

Not receiving text message with 6 digit for signing up

I have the same problem. I tried force stopping the application, deleting the app cache and installing a few more times - still got the ‘something went wrong, try again later’ when I try to register.
Could someone please help me?