Can't register on the app


I’ve given up on revolut because of this. It’s shit like this that makes me distrust fintech-banks. When you hold people’s assets and say “Oh we only have in app support and you must be signed in to contact support” just makes people who can’t sign in sound like you’re trying to take their money and run.

What about all the edge cases? What if I changed my phone number? What if I forgot my pin? People come to companies like revolut because they seek some degree of human support. Even banks have more than one channel of support for crying out loud. You’re supposed to be better

Does anyone ever answer on here? Same problem… Told to re install from the chat in app now cant get it working again as the e-mail never arrives

This is a user forum and not :r:'s official support channel. To get official support you have to use in-app chat or social media (twitter or facebook) and there is a complaint form/e-mail address:

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But I cannot log back in to the app as the authorisation e-mail/SMS never arrives. The chat asked me to delete and reinstall as I was having transfer issues. I did exactly this and now cannot get access to “in-app chat!” And unbelievably there’s no way to contact R without the app. Crazy really.

Hi there. The post right in front of your’s says: contact them on social media. :slight_smile:

(Revolut isn’t providing support here.)

Hi Andrea
I’m facing the exact same problem, i registered and then the app asked for identity check and i did send everything they asked for. Unfortunately since then which more than two weeks everytime i try to login it gives me the issue above “ something went wrong “!

  • He is called Andreas. If you check his profile you’ll find out that he last posted on 24/01/2020 and that he was last seen on 01/07/2020.

  • Why don’t you read at least a few older messages in this thread?

  • Yes, it’s unbelievable that :r: is apparently doing nothing to improve their support system.

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Thank you for the information! So do you know how i can check contact support?

Scroll up in this thread, just one post in front of your first one, or a little further up in the timeline, and you will find the answer numerous times. :slight_smile:

(Try to contact them on Facebook/Twitter.)


I am having trouble setting up an account. It has an error message when it gets to the field in which I am to enter my email address. Can you help please?

Many thanks! :slight_smile: @AndreasK

Hello, I have the same problem. Please help me.

I have a similar problem: I’m an existing user, can’t get into the App on my phone after trying to load it on my iPad (so I could read statements that didn’t seem to work on my phone). Just asks me to verify through email, then asks for my PIN, and then verify through email again.

Seems like a WHILE TRUE loop.

And no help if you’re not on the App. Which I can’t get into. Can anyone help?

Hello, I’m unable to register with a new phone number. I cancelled my account and can’t open the account with the same email. Can you help me please? Thanks!

I’m also looking for help here.

Cannot verify account using a Swedish Identitetskort. It may be because the legal name I entered in Revolut does not exactly match what’s on my card, but I don’t see any option to change the legal name I entered (tried uninstalling and reinstalling app). Can my account be totally deleted so I can start again to change the legal name I entered?

I get a message every time I try to set up an account. It says I had an account with a different phone number, but i have never had an account and I have had the same phone number for 20 years. Can anyone help?

Hi, how are you? I am contacting you today with a week of daily Revolut online support communicating trying to sort out a problem and I’m kept getting told will be fixed every day. I understand the high demand in enquires. My two children made a revolt account both being underage I sent them 30euro and 60euro. now the problem is we can not get past the ID verification and we can’t receive the money. They both have junior accounts now and I just want to access their accounts on their phones and send back the money. Please help

I have same kind of problem I launch app press “create free account” it asks me to enter my number and then says its invalid or incorrect can anyone help ?


I can’t verify my age as I tried to do it when I was too young but now I’m 18 and I can’t even get to the part of the app that allows me to verify with a document of the sort. An error appears with “Your must be 18 years old to use our service” I can’t even post a photo of my passport because that appears before I can.

Please help Thanks!

Hi tehere
I just change my phone and i cant connect to the app
The app dont let me sing în just creat a New account.
Some help plz ??