Can't register on the app

Hello, I have the similar issue as many others …I didn’t use the App since a while and when I tried to access it 3 months ago, it requested the phone number. Then I received an email with a link to Authenticate and the details of the device from which the request was made. First: the location of the device, as shown in the email, is not the one where I am, thought the country and the time of the request are correct. Second: when I click on the Authenticate link, it opens an web address that get stacked - nothing happens. I tried more that 15 times, different days, and always the same situation. I also uninstalled and installed again the App - same thing. I can’t access my account, I can’t access the chat on App - this is VERY annoying. Please assist and help solve this issue. Thanks

Hi @AndreasK
I have a Revolut account but can’t access it anymore. I changed phone but kept the same phone number. I downloaded the Revolut app on my new phone and can’t access it. The system taking a picture with an ID is crap (simply does not work).
Can you please recontact?
No way to talk to someone in this company?

Any idea how we can get into our mobile app ? I’m getting the same alert. @AndreasK can you help us ?!

Hello I have a problem registering on app too. Could you help me please? I cant send dm.

Hi I desperately nbeed help with this but I cant send DMs on here or create my own topics, can you DM me please @AndreasK

Hi can you help me too I can’t sign up its saying my number is wrong?

trying to sign up for Australian account and app says something went wrong when entering phone number

Hello everyone,

I have the same problem. When I enter my mobile phone number and try to move to the next step I get information that something went wrong.

Could you help me? Thank you!

Hello. I have the same problem. Can someone help me?

Hi,same problem as everyone in this thread. Have revolut on one device,tried to log in on different phone and it won’t upload selfie for authentication. @AndreasK could you help in any way since I don’t know different way to contact anyone from customer help?

When i try to make an account in the app. i try to put my phone numer in. and than it says (translated from dutch to english) The verification code or the phonenumber that you used is incorrect. i have uninstalled the app and it still doesnt work

Hey guys !

I am having the same issue as well. I am trying to sign in with my mobile number but i get the error “We’re sorry something has gone wrong. Please try again later”. I am available for contact through e-mail or/and through my mobile number.

Thanks !!


Sam proble as everyone, I have an authentication error message when I click on the link.
@AndreasK can you please help?

Many thanks!

Hello, I have similar issue. I have already registered Revolut account, but I have new phone and “brand new” Revolut app. And, same as others, I cannot verify my account. When I click on the link in the mail, I either have message “something went wrong” or the app comes back to “provide your phone number” screen.
@AndreasK can you please help?

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Hello Andreas,

I cannot login into my app, say something is wrong, try later. I really need to login.

Can you please help me?

Thank you in advance

Hello, I cannot register back in the app, after reinstalling the app.
Please help me :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve trying to register new account, but when i go true all registration steps filled all details on the app at the end of the last step where login selection it jumps in again in to registration process and every time i do this getting same issue. Is there any one could help me out ?

Even after reinstalling the app I get a message saying Something Has Gone Wrong. I’ve tried several times.

Can you help?

Thanks mjr6