Can't register on the app

I am new member here. I try to add my phone number and when I press ok it pops up the same message “something went wrong, try again later”. In my old device (galaxy s6+) I managed to do it without problems. In my galaxy s9 + keeps popping up this message. Hope there is a solution

Hi Andreas,
I have had a UK Revolut card for the last few years, however, I have now moved to Australia. Because I want to top up my Revolut card from an Australian bank account, I was advised by a Revolut staff member (though the help section on the app) to close my UK Revolut account and then open a brand new Australian Revolut account. I have just closed my UK Revolut account, and am struggling to open a new Australian Revolut account. I am getting the same error message as everyone else here “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”. I urgently need to pay my parents money to their Revolut card, and need to set up my Australian card urgently. I’m not sure if this is a problem because my UK Revolut account was also linked to my Australian mobile (i.e. the new account I am trying to set up has the same mobile number as my now-closed account) or something else.

Hi, I also cannot register. It says I already have account but when I try to login it says something went wrong.

@prodrigues how did you resolve the issue pleasE?


@AndreasK Andreas please im also having the same issue. after i install my revolut business app enter email then pascode then i enter 4 digit pin on second time it just freezes …

how can i resolve this?

hi im also having the same problem as soon as i try login to my business revolut app and enter the passcode second time it just stops there…

how can i fix?


I have the same warning, but not when I sign-up, but when I try to login to my existing account.
My device is iPhone 11 Pro, when I enter my mobile number - I get a warning and I can’t login, hence I can’t use a chat to reach out customer support.

Looking forward for the help as soon as possible.

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Same than me, someone can help please? It is very annoying to not have any news or help.


I seem having problem with downloading and register the app

I am a previous customer and I have deleted my account and now that I want to register its not letting me for next stage of creating password

can someone help me please


We don’t advise closing your Revolut account as it can take a bit of time to set up a new account with the same mobile number. Revolut doesn’t charge you to keep a standard account open that is not in use.

AFAIR N26 had to pay a fine for a similar behaviour because of GDPR.

How did you get them to help you from Twitter?

I had my boyfriend do this on his account on my behalf, and they just told me to email the feedback team. That was two days ago and I haven’t heard back. Although wasn’t expecting much as it seems like it’s just for feedback, not for issues. Guess Revolut just doesn’t want my money… oh well

Hi, thanks for your reply, keep in mind that as with everyone else, i cant read any DMs in the app.


My Revolut account has been hacked and people are sending money to themselves. I get the following error message below and can’t access Revolut help. Could you please help me ASAP. This is the 4th medium I’ve reached out to with no help. Thank you.



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i have the same problem, can u fix it? how do i contact you ?

@AndreasK , would you help me as well? I can not register


I have a problem with the verification documents to use Revolut application and it’s stuck on this page. Thus, I can’t reach out to customer support through the app. Is there any other way to get assistance?


Please help, @AndreasK
I can’t finish my registration proccess, because I have no contact with any consultant via in-app chat. I sent all documents requested, but since week I have no contact with any consultant via in-app chat. I really need a access to my account. I find it all hopeless and I would be very grateful for any piece of advice from you, @AndreasK

Hi there I am having the same problems and have since 30th march and still cannot get into my account and have had no response from Revolut they are shut