Can't register on the app

Hi, trying to register via app - ending up always with “We’re sorry something has gone wrong. Please try again.” when trying to reset the passcode by pressing “Forgot your passcode?”. Removed and re-installed the app multiple times to no avail. any idea anyone? @AndreasK can you help?

Hi @AndreasK,

I allready had one Revolut account, but with incorrect name (one ltter was wrong), so i decided to remove this account. Now i want to creat new account (using the same mobile phone number) i get “We’re sorry, somethink has gone wrong”. When i choose option “Don`t have acces to your number?” then put mobile phone number and PIN - i get “phone and/or passcode are incorrect”. Is there any chance I can have working revolut number on this mobile phone number?


Hi there, I downloaded the app and when I put in my number there is no problem until i try create a code and the a message pops up saying “We’re sorry something has gone wrong. Please try again.” I’ve uninstalled the app and tried again a few times and the same thing keeps happening. Is there anything that can be done?


I have the same problem. I would really appreciate some help :blush:

same problem here @AndreasK

I am having the same issue with e mail verification using a new phone. Can you please help?

Has there been any resolution to this problem? I’m also experiencing the same issue.

Hi @AndreasK, may you please help me?

Hi! I’m having similar problem.

I downloaded the app, entered my phone number and created a 4 digit code, but the verification SMS never arrived. I tried around 20 times with reinstalling the app, but now I can’t even go pass entering my phone number. The CONTINUE button doesn’t respond anymore and I’m stuck at the very first screen of the app.

Help please!

Hello, I am having the same problem. I see people were being helped before. Can I get some help?

Same problem as everyone else. Zero help from support. 4 weeks trying to get access to my account to 0 result. Revolut team surely you could do better?!

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Hello, I have the same issue

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Same here, please explain me too how to fix it. After entering pin: ‘‘i am sorry, something gone wrong…’’

Hi @AndreasK I have the same problem, I’ve been trying to download Revolut since December , can you help ?

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same here for over a month. And no chat option or phone number for support!!!

Hi Andreas, I’m having problems registering on a new phone.

My number is not working to give an sms or phone call. The email option would be good, but it does not take me to the inbox as promised!
Please can you help?

Hi there. I’ve got this exact problem. Can you help me please. Thx in advance

Hello when I type in my email for setting up my account it says please contact help for support with this request


I have lost access to my account and cannot register again. Could someone please reach out to me directly. My Revolut card has been blocked as well.

@AndreasK - Excuse me to tag you. I’d gladly appreciate your help as I can see some of your answers coming after my post.

Have a good one,
Awaiting for your DM