Can't register on the app


Hi there, I downloaded the app and when I put in my number there is no problem until i try create a code and the a message pops up saying “We’re sorry something has gone wrong. Please try again.” I’ve uninstalled the app and tried again a few times and the same thing keeps happening. Is there anything that can be done?


Hey! I can help :slight_smile:

I will get in touch with your via a direct message!


Hi @AndreasK

Many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately if you are trying to direct message me through the app I will not receive it as I cannot get past the code part. If you can DM me on this platform however, I can see what you are saying.


I’ve DM’d you here yesterday! Can you see my message?


No unfortunately I cannot see any message from you. It could be because I am a new user?



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Yeah I’ve checked there and there are no messages from @AndreasK. Is there anyway for me to compose a message to him?



Looks like I don’t have the message option for some reason

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Might be because you are a new user on this forum and therefore do not have the direct messaging function enabled (To prevent spammers from taking over the forum.).

Best wait for @AndreasK to come online.

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@capital Yeah I had a feeling it was because I am a new user. Thanks for your help anyway.


Can you check now please?


I have exactly the same problem. Can you help me too?


The exact same thing here. Are there any solutions?


Please see the post below.


I’ve been trying repeatedly, for days, at random intervals. Reinstalled the app multiple times. Nothing seemed to help.


I have exactly the same problem. Can you help me too?. Mobile phone vernee mars pro.


Sure! Could you please get in touch via a direct message?


Hello guys. Same problem. Give me hints :slight_smile:


Cannot find how to write you a Direct message @AndreasK :] clicked everywhere.