Can't recieve the Revolut pin via text

Hi folks,

Yeah, I have tried about 13 times constantly resending the pin to my phone. I have downloaded the app too, still doesnt work.

Can an engineer please dm me a pin to use?

Thank you :smiley:


At what point in the app are you? The initial log in on the home screen? Just wait a couple of minutes, a link “haven’t received text” should appear. It connects you to support.

If you need the code for something else, try support chat. This is a user forum and it’s not closely monitored by Revolut staff.

Alternative: Twitter. They can also access your profile and they should be able to provide you the code.

Heya Frank,

Yeah, its the initial log in. So open the app, put in my number, pin and then it promps me to enter the 6 digit code which I cant get :(…

I am on the chat support now and it said I will be waiting 2 hours. :confused: I guess I will just need to wait.