Can't receive verification code due to new number, card now blocked


My phone’s software settings had to be restored, so all apps were re-downloaded. When I tried to log into Revolut, I needed a verification code but it was sent to my old number (phone number had recently changed).
I tried to contact Support but got no response. Card has since been blocked without me being notified and I can’t get into the app. Please help. @AndreasK


Hello @Kate :slight_smile:

You’ve got 3 options:
1. Contact support and wait more
Try to log in with your phone number and, when you’re asked for the pin, click Forgot? and then Support. You’ll be able to reach the support chat there :telephone_receiver:

2. Head to Twitter
You might also want to reach :r: on Twitter, to see if they can speed things up:

3. Invoke the omnipotent @AndreasK
And he will do his administrative magic :star2:



Hey! Apologies for the delay :frowning: I was out of the office!

Let me know if you still need help!


Andreas K.