Can't receive sms to get into Revolut app (UK number not working in Australia)


I can’t receive sms code to set up the Revolut app on my phone again.

I had it all set up before I came to Australia, then I had to buy a new phone, and I didn’t need Revolut because i got an Australian card, and now I’m going back to Asia and need to use my Revolut card but I can’t get into my account because I can’t receive sms in Australia on my UK giffgaff number, as it doesn’t pick up roaming here.

Any chance someone can help me with this? Maybe I could provide you with my Australia number or I can get a verification code (I just don’t want to create a new Revolut account accidentally because I still have money on my current account)

I’ve seen a few threads where someone from the Revolut team can help direct, so that’s why I’m asking for specific help rather then general help.

Thank you for your time!!


Hi @virrkharia,

Please shoot me a DM so that I can help you out.




Hi Jessica, I am having this same problem and need to get on to my account urgently