Can't receive SMS on Three UK


Hi, I’m trying to register for revolut but don’t receive the SMS with passcode. I’m on 3UK and using an Honor 8 phone in the UK. I can receive and send text messages to other people. What can I do ?


After 60 sec you are able to choose “I don’t have an SMS” (or something similar).
Just tap it, and choose another method (I suggest phone call)


That doesn’t come up as an option anywhere. The only option is to enter your phone number but the SMS never comes. Ive tried on phone and on PC


I’m on Three as well and I do receive Revolut text messages without issues.

I logged out and back in just for you, it took less than 10 seconds.

I don’t know if it makes a difference but don’t put the zero, [+44] 7…


It would make a difference …

+44 7890 123456 is the international format for UK mobile number
07890 123456 is format you use withing the UK