Can't receive registration sms


I would like to register an revolut account, but I didn’t received the registration sms. Is there another way to register? Or is there any problem with your sms sending service?

Thanks for your feedback

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Hi there. Thank you for contacting us.

Could you please send me a direct message?

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I have the same issue, do you can help me too? Thank you!

Are you able to send me a direct message?

The same here. When trying to register through web or app, I didn’t received any SMS. Tried several times.
Phone LG G4 Stylus. Android 6.0.

Please contact me vaices1974 at gmail

@AndreasK Meanwhile the message comes “sorry, something went wrong, try again”
And I have not ever been able to do the first verfication yet

Can you help me?

Hey. Could you please send me a direct message?


I have exact same problem, I have all ready contacted AndreasK.

Have tried on android 6, then upgraded to android 7 and still won’t work.

I am running stock rom, not rooted and my HSBC banking app works so really not sure what the problem is!

Hello. I have the same problem

I have the same problem; I can’t DM yet since I’m a new user.

Hello. @AndreasK can you help me? I have same problem here.