Can't receive payment


Revolut is great, but I’ve a little problem.
Some friends sent me money.
I got the e-mail with the link.
When I click on it, I am sent to the Revolut page where it ask me my country, then my phone number.
I receive the code well by sms, but once this one returned, I have the message “Please verify your account by going to More -> Profile -> Verification and limits”.

Do you know how to solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot !

Hey. Is your account verified?

Yes, account verified (it’s with the ID photo, isn’t it ?)
I have already paid with the virtual card, and made transfers from my credit card or even Paypal, all arrived well.

Is it possible you have exceeded you annual top up limit? In that case you’d need further verification

630 € charged until now, do you think it is that ?

If you’re verified, then it should be 30.000€, so I don’t think it’s that. Have you tried reaching out to in-app support? Don’t forget to type ‘live agent’ in order to skip Rita, the chatbot

Hi there. Have you managed to contact our in-app support team?

They said I can only receive money from friend by number of phone, not with email.