Can't receive access code so can't access my account


Hi, for some unknown reason, I no longer receive texts with an access code, so I can’t log in to the app. I can’t withdraw the money on my card as it’s in euros and I can’t use the ‘in app’ chat because I can’t log in to the app. I find it very frustrating that the only phone umber provided is an automated line for blocking your card. I don’t want to block my card, I want to be able to access the app and my money. Can someone please contact me with a solution?


Sometimes provider blocked that message if to much messages come. The Fraud and Spam system of youre provider maybe blocked that revolut number.
Its not relevant which currency you have on youre card revolut does then the exchange (on atm choose without conversion)


Thank you for you reply, but I do t have any blocked numbers on my phone i
have already checked that. I’ve tried to access the app again just now and
still don’t get a text with an access code. I will try once more to
withdraw the money from an ATM but so far I am not very impressed with the


I meant not on youre phone i meant on youre provider
Like ATT, Verizon …

Sometimes u need to call customer care of youre sim card provider