Can't receive 6 digits verification code to login

Hi there,

I can’t receive the 6 digits verification code by SMS to login. I’ve tried like a dozen of time to resend the code but in vain. The phone call just doesn’t work (maybe because I’m not located in UK). As for the in-app chat, it doesn’t work either. When I send a message, it shows the message with a red circled exclamation mark (to notify the message failed to be sent). At this stage I have no other option left but someone here to unblock me.
I have money on that account so I really need help.

Thank you

Make sure to use the latest version of the app. You could also try to contact support via Twitter.

Yes I have the latest version installed (4.19). My phone number is a Chinese one which may explain why I can’t receive the SMS. At least they should implement code verification by email as an alternative.

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I’m not sure if email would qualify as 2FA as described in the regulatory PSD2 guidelines.

You’re right it doesn’t qualify as 2FA. Using a TOTP application to configure 2FA would do the job besides being more reliable than SMS. That being said, it’s not the topic of my initial post.

Being in China are you using VPN? It can be necessary.

An operator solved manually the verification code impediment. You raised a question about VPN even though I strongly think it’s not related since other API requests pass nicely through the Great Firewall (i.e online chat, currency converter, etc). However I am willing to help devs to figure that out.

Hello Asno
Same problem here i tried for days to get the access code it just does not work.
I had the remove and reinstall the app because id verification did not work as well…
Can you help please
I l using an iphone 6

I can’t really help with this. It might be a coverage issue. If not try with a VPN.

Did it already with VPN does not work, and did it from my home in Belgium . Does not work at all.
I really think it is the iphone - app combination as i read that others solved the problem by using someone else’s phone… anyway revolut should react and solve the problem fast otherwise they are gonna lose at lot of clients…

Go to iphone settings/general/ restrictions and disabled all restrictions that you might have then the revolut app works like a charm