Can't pay to webmoney or MTS money

I try to pay on those services but transaction doesn’t go though. With another card or works. I found a post that payment services are supported only up to $200 without verification but I’m definitely under this limit and AFAICT I’m verified. On the other card this transaction shows up as “Financial services”

Some services are not supported by Revolut. This might be the case here. You can find more about excluded services in the T&Cs.

FAQ says:
There are some merchants that are not supported with your Revolut card. At the moment, this includes:

Financial securities brokers and dealers
Foreign exchange bureaus (including TravelEx ATMs)
Unmanned petrol stations (although you can still pay inside!)
Some merchants we allow up to a cumulative limit, after which you will need to verify your ID and confirm your top up cards to continue using them:

Payment services ($200 or equivalent)
Prepaid cards ($200 or equivalent)
Dating & Escort services ($200 or equivalent)
Betting/gambling services ($120 or equivalent)
Jewellery & Art dealers
But in this case we’re dealing with payment system that is used to e.g. topup mobile phone account

Does the merchant accept prepaid cards? I believe some of these services for mobile phones do not.

I was able to refill Webmoney with Swiss Bankers which is also prepaid

Now with notifications working again the reason for declining is “we don’t currently support this merchant”

I see. Have you talked to support about it? It could be that the merchant uses a merchant code that identifies them as something Revolt is not supporting.

I didn’t but webmoney has given an interesting piece of info: they accept only cards with 3ds/VbV