Cant Pay someone!


Have been trying to pay someone via the send money section on the app for the last 24 hours, Tap Send Money, I select his name from my contacts, select the currency, type the amount and tap send, and I get the message “Money Request Failed”. “Sorry, your transaction was declined. Please try again later”.

I spoke to someone on the Chat yesterday, who just kept saying try again later! Well 24 hours later and I have had to add another £10 to my account as the dollar has risen sharply and I still cannot send the money.

I have also tried a bank transfer, which just says “The Transfer could not be completed. Please contact support for more information.”

I have been on the support app for more than 40 minutes now and no-one has responded!

I really wish I had never got involved with Revolut now, sure the bank would have charged more but at least the money would have been transferred.

Can anyone shed some light on whats going on!


Hi @cdub,

We’re really sorry to hear that, and apologise for any inconvenience caused. As we can see you have managed to proceed with your query, and transferred the funds.

Once again apologies for any troubles.


Andreas K.


That’s not really the Point Andreas, because of your supports staffs incompetence in not being able to tell me why I could not make the transaction or being prepared to look into the problem and just telling me to try again tomorrow (which when I did still did not work) so I wasted another 2 hours speaking to another member of support staff who actually could be bothered to look into the problem and resolve it for me.

By the time the problem was resolved the exchange rate between £ and $ had dropped which resulted in the transaction costing me £10 more! No at all happy. This is the 1st time I have used Revolut and I am not at all happy I would have been financially better off going to the bank originally and asking them to carry out the transfer, it would have also saved me about 4 hours of my time trying to get my Revolut account sorted out.

I wish to make a complaint an am currently drafting an official complaint letter which I will email to you next week.


I may have an answer to your question. The person receiving the currency could very well have not had a verified account at the time of sending. This was something I had an issue with when sending money to a friend who was new to Revolut. He had to verify his account before he could receive funds from me.

As for the exchange rates being worse, although it is inconvenient, the apps and the servers which drive the data between you, Revolut and your banks like any technology can have errors, that’s assuming it was an error other than the potential reason above.

As for the bank - no… absolutely not. I work in foreign currency, I can tell you your saving of £10 would be still better off on Revolut than any bank wire transfer, travel money desk cash/cash passport, MoneyGram / Western Union transaction.