Can't pass registration form.


So I wanted to create my account in app on android but when I try to fill address registration form it doesnt work. Always pop-up “Not all forms are filled” (or something like that)
I use

  • Postal 34-120
  • Line 1 - Streen name
  • Line 2 - house number
  • City - Andrychow
  • Region - Malopolska


Cześć @ForSureNotSKye :smiley:

Please remove all kind of “non-english characters”. That means, only english letters and numbers, and not any kind of ą ę ó ć ł ń ś ź ż ñ… as polish, spanish or, in the end, any foreign character is not allowed yet :slight_smile:


W kodzie pocztowym nie wpisuj myślnika i nie używaj polskich znaków :grinning:

Do not use dash in postal code and, as @Juliopp said do not use polish letters