Can't pass registration form Czech Republic


I am trying to create my account in the app on android but when I try to fill address registration form it doesn’t work. Always pops-up “Not all forms are filled” . I am from Prague 4, Nusle. Is there anything that I could do? Anyone encountered this issue in Prague or the surroundings?


Do you have any special characters in your address field? If so, can you switch it out and swap it with the closest-looking alphabet counter-part?

e.g. ‘é’ to ‘e’


There are no special characters in my address. And apparently the Postal code gives me a totally different street, far, far away from my home address. Still in Prague 4 but on the other side of the area. If it helps I can share my address.


Do not use accents or slash or dash. This is not what the Revolution will take. You can only write a descriptive number to the street with no problems with the mail. And Nusle is not necessary, just Prague 4.


Managed to get it done. Instead of the dash , that I needed for the address, I used a minus sign and it worked just fine :slight_smile: Thank you for your help