Can't order a physical card


The “I Want a physical card” option don’t work in my app. When i click in the option and next to create the card PIN i receive a "We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. I added a couple of screen captures
I need a physical card.



do you have enough money on your account?


Hola Fernando, i guess that i have enough money, i have 45€ in my account right now.



Hi @OverRev, can you contact support via in app chat. They will be able to look at your account and try and help you. It might be the back end thinks your card is physical already for some reason. We have seen a couple of cases of this.


Hi @edward, i talk with support department this saturday, and Sylwia tell me that my case was referred to a more technician person to review in-depth.
I need to do any additional step ?

Thanks a lot
Excuse my broken English.


Should be fine. Send me a message with your phone number though. I will make sure someone is looking at it.


Thanks @edward, i dont see any option to send a new direct message, i only see my mailbox :grin: and in the mailbox not existe a button of new message


If you click on Edward’s name you will see an option there which says “Message”. Click on that and send him the details that way in a private message


Yes, but i dont see the option :relaxed:


I’ve just messaged you


I’m having the same problem @edward could you help me to? :wink:


I am also having the same issue. I have just contacted the support team


Hi I’m having this problem too, could someone please me help out?


Hi Edward, could you message me please? I’m having a similar issue with trying to order a physical card


I haven’t received anything in my inbox yet but I’m just wondering why I’m having this problem. After I go to pay for a physical card the dialogue box that comes up says ‘we’re sorry, something has gone wrong. please try again later’

I tried the in app support section a few hours ago but still haven’t received any info back