Can't order a physical card??????

I click on standard card and get directed to premium subscription $7.99…?

Yo probably selected a shipping option only available for premium customers. Try standard delivery.

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Hi Frank,
Thanks for the quick responce…
I click on "cards"
Swipe to "Get new Revolute card"
Click on "Phisical"
Screen says “Spare card fee is €6” option to “View upgrade” or Add card with €6 fee.


You presumably already have a virtual card, dont you?

You probably have a virtual card already. Then the price for the spare card is EUR 6. Are you asking because of the current marketing campaign? Then you have two options: delete the virtual card first and then order the physical card. Or talk to support and ask them to refund the spare card fee, refer to the marketing campaign. (That’s what they said yesterday on Twitter about it.)

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I did try and get one, If I have I cant see it anywhere?

Thanks Frank I shall try the delete and order a new one…


Same problem… and i don’t have a virtual card…

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hi Frank
Deleted virtual card, get to order card for free and directed to “View upgrade options” or “Cancel” on other options…

If this is your first physical card please order a card and then contact our support to get your refund.

I tried a fair few times to get my first card. Then I thought maybe I should get a virtual card and it will open up my possibility of getting a physical card, but that’s not the case. I basically just cant get a physical card at all! (unhappy brand new customer)

and the wait to actually chat to a living soul is 8 HOURS!