Can't order a new physical card with free delivery


I am trying to order a 2nd physical card but cannot get past the screen where it asks me what type of shipping I want. I select free shipping and click continue…then it prompts me to a “FREE GLOBAL EXPRESS DELIVERY” screen, where my only 2 options are “view upgrade options” or “cancel”.

Does this mean I can only proceed with free delivery of the card (the card already costs £5) if I choose a premium account?

No combination of inputs allows me to proceed with free delivery, even though it is a shipping option.

Is this normal? Is it a bug? Am I just stupid?

My friend also tried on his account and ends up with the same problem.

Thanks for any assistance.


Free shipping is only available for Revolut Premium.

For a Revolut Standard customer, a delivery fee will have to be paid.


Thanks for answering so quickly. Is this a recent feature? Initially I never had to pay for shipping, just the £5 fee for the card.


I think the £5 fee was the delivery fee.

As far as I am aware, this policy has been in place for nearly over a year now.


I am a new Revolute account holder and I cant even order my first card - same issues.
Does this mean that I just opened an account and cant even get a card without paying?? If that’s the case Ill take my already deposited £25 and go elsewhere…


Unless you’ve used one of the recent free card promotions then you will need to pay.


The free delivery option is there in front of me. In fact the box is checked too. But when going to the next step clicking Order card for free it takes you to Can’t order a new physical card with free delivery View upgrade options or Cancel.

This is not why I joined Revolute. I heard good things about it, but this is a very poor start. Im not paying to use a card that holds my own money with no additional benefits.
And having a live chat is an 8 hour wait, so thats not happening either!


Delivery is free, it’s the card that costs 5£.
If you’re not paying for the initial card which can exchange money on interbank rate, can withdraw for free up to 200€, etc, then I’m not sure why are you here. I’m guessing your bank offers much more benefits for FREE than Revolut does.


One day, the Stockholm Syndrome will end, and we will all realise that it is not necessary for Revolut to charge us for the cards we need to use the service that makes them money. Just like no other payment card has ever charged me a fee for issuing it or for delivery.
And just like it would be absurd for them to send us a bill for how much it has cost them in electricity for their servers, rent for their offices, pay for their staff …


I am not sure where you are coming from. The first card IS free.

Most banks even charge you for simply having an account with them and working with your money.


My card for example would cost me 10-20€ a year, but because I’m still considered a youngster, that’s free for me…however, I’m paying minimum 1€( +1, 1.5%) after 2nd withdrawal( first 2 is free up to around 450€), my text alerts are around 3-5€ a month, bank transfer even into the same bank is around 0.5-1€ for 200€ and double if it’s outside my bank. I could go on and on with these fees, also these are tied with the junior account. With the main ones these cost more,but have like better terms on text alerts. It’s a waste.


Mine wasn’t. Cost me £5 to get it.

I have had bank accounts for 39 years. No bank has ever charged me a fee just for having an account. No other payment card has charged me to get the card, not even when I have lost it and needed a replacement.


So you are saying you paid these five pounds on top of shipping?


Where did I say that? It cost me £5 to get the card.


Well, that is understood if you say it cost you five pounds. You can hardly attribute shipping costs to the card itself. So yes, your card was free and you paid for shipping.


I think you have not read what I wrote above.
Stockholm Syndrome.


I did read what you wrote and it is simply not true that you paid for the card. You paid for S&H.

Apparently you were lucky that you didnt pay for any bank account in 40 years, but reality is that with most banks you pay dearly.


Quite a nice place… so its said


No, I had to pay £5 before they would send me a card. I had no option not to pay it. They can call it “postage” if they like, but it doesn’t make it that. It’s a fee to get the card.
I know no-one else in the UK who pays for their bank account either (although I am unclear why you have raised this, as Revolut is far from a bank account). Nor do I know of anyone I know ever having to pay either a fee or or postage to receive a payment card. Nor of having to pay extra fees for the issuer’s phone bills, energy costs, staff parties, or anything else.


Whaaaat? It is the bloody S&H fee that I have mentioned now several times. If you order anything at an online shop you also pay for S&H and that is not part of the product price. I am not sure why we are even talking about that. That concept cant be new to you.

Good for them.