Cant obtain statement



I cant obtain Statement of transaction.
When I go into any of transactions I made (recent or old) and click blue Statement button nothing happens. It means screen blinks once for a second (even the top bar with wifi, network reception and time), loading spinning circle is shown for a half of second and nothing happens. Android phone, Galaxy S7 Edge, stock ROM, not rooted.
I cleared cache, uninstalled app and reinstalled from scratch but that didnt help.


well? Maybe @AndreasK know the method to get some debug/error logs from app and send it to you?


Hi there.

Could you please share screenshots of what you see?


Actually cant share screenshots as there is nothing to show on them. clicking statement button does nothing, shows nothing - only whole screen (along with android notification bar) blinks for a fraction of second and nothing else happens. Looks like something is blocking/preventing revolut app to produce it.

How can I get some debug log or something like that to allow you see whats happening?