Can't Login to my App afer the last Update



I’ve done the last update on your APP and I cannot login into my account. I can insert my phone number, my code and the 6 digit, but I get always the same error message, something went wrong, and to try again later…

I absolutely need to access to my account and my Revolut card.

Could you inform me about this problem please, it’s really important.


I’m having the same problem!


I get something went wrong message when I click on ‘forgot passcode’.


Hello Guys, I’ve just tried now and it works fine again.

Hope the same for you.


No , you were just lucky


same with me - retried now works but need to go through telephone number passcode and then SMS passcode…seamless really :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Please I need help


Try again, i had to do it 3 times before the code would work and the app let me in. The servers at revolut must be overloaded.


The problem is that I have a Indonesian number and there is not even the option in the app to connect with it!!!

Do you know how can I message one of the Revolut moderator?


Hey @goomaps :slight_smile:

You just have to mention them (@AndreasK and @jessicaszabla)… But Twitter would be faster I believe.




Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, due to massive demand, some customers were having issues logging into the app.

Issue was resolved, let me know if you’re still facing an issue.

Once again, apologies.