Cant Login to my account


I enter my passcode and i get a message “We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.” I reset the passcode, enter a new one and i get the same message. I unistalled the app, type my phone number and get the same message. This has been going for some days now. Can you do something?


its not only for you, looks like many of us have this problem right now, including me


Hi. I have the same problem.
I was trying to verify my account this morning, and suddenly just know my card doesn’t work.
I uninstalled the app, and it says the same message 'We are sorry, something has gone wrong’
Can I know what is happening, and also get my account verified please?


All seems to be fine for me now, how about u guys?


I’m having the same problem, it’s been over a week now.
Can we get this fixed please :slight_smile:


What’s the exact issue?


Hi Andreas,
Many thanks for your prompt response.
For over three weeks at least, I haven’t been able to access my mobile app account.
When clicking the app icon, it asks me to enter my mobile phone number, usually it would take me straight to the inputing pin screen.
Anyway, once I’ve input my number, I then receive a pin code via text message, I type that into the next screen on the app.
Finally it takes me to the pin screen, I type in my pin and then get a message that comes up saying “oops, something went wrong! Please try again later”.
I hope you can help, I’m eager to use my card & access mg account.


Are you using the latest version of the app?