Can't login to app with new phone

I have a new phone (same phone number though) so I downloaded the Revolut app again. I can’t seem to find the option to login to my old account now, I can only sign up for a new one. When I enter my phone number I used for my account it directs me through the whole signing up phase again. I have money in my Revolut card so quite worried about this.
Thanks for helping!

Hey @alismo :slight_smile:

If you’re 100% sure it’s the exact same phone number you originally signed up with, then sign up again (not an official answer, just what I’d do for the fastest and most convenient solution, although not the “cleanest” one), go to the More tab of the app, click Support, click Chat with us (open 24/7) and type live agent :wink:

It could take a few hours for an agent to be with you, so try to write down in the chat all the relevant info that the agent might need to locate your account and funds.

Alternatively, for a “cleaner” solution, consider reaching :r: through Twitter during UK business hours or waiting in the forum for a moderator (or sending them a private message, which you’ll be able to do in 24 hours from now):


Hi there. If you’re still using the same phone number then you can follow the steps on the Welcome screen and you will get logged on. :slight_smile:

Hi Jessica, I’ve contacted Larysa too. My old phone number has been deactivated and I can’t access my Revolut account anymore. Can you help please?

Hi, I have the same problem. Obviously can’t even contact the live support as I can’t login to the app. Is there anyone who could help me please?